Statement on National Reciprocity Bill

Statement on National Reciprocity Bill as Passed By the US House of Representatives

Tom Campione, Legislative Director offers the following statement.

“Pennsylvanians For Self Protection prefers that the ‘Fix NICS’ bill be stricken from the current National Reciprocity bill as passed By the US House of Representatives because of the lack of ‘due process’ built into the current NICS system and the extreme burden that is currently associated with removal from NICS.

These factors combined with the extremely high NICS error rate are cause for significant concern for the protection of gun owner rights. We therefore request that the Senate strike ‘Fix NICS’ until such time that the above issues are adequately addressed.”

We would also like to address those who are screaming from the mountaintops that ‘Fix NICS’ is a Leftist plot. We ask those folks to take a deep breath and understand that Fix NICS does not add a single class of person to the rolls. Instead, it mandates that federal agencies comply with current law.

So, while the statement that ‘people with parking tickets would now be added to NICS’ is true, they are already prohibited persons and belong on the NICS list. Under current law, they are already fugitives from justice. Anyone fleeing from payment of parking tickets who is buying a gun today must answer that question as ‘yes” on form ATF-4473. The moral of that story is, pay your parking tickets, or work to change the law.

Fix NICS as currently written is limited to classes of individuals who are prohibited under current law [18 U.S. Code § 922 (g) & (n)]. Actual enforcement would result in many individuals being added, but if we don’t like the inclusion of certain classes then we should work to change the underlying law, rather than obstruct enforcement.

Pennsylvanians For Self Protection is a statewide second amendment advocacy group, headquartered in Doylestown, PA.

PA4SP addresses PA SB Bill 383 (Armed School Employees)

Pennsylvanians for Self Protection (PA4SP) was founded to counteract the media/progressive gun control hype after the Sandy Hook school shooting and to protect our Second Amendment and Pennsylvania constitutional right to bear arms for self protection. We had concluded that the main targets of these cowardly despicable acts of violence are “soft targets” like schools that have no formidable method of defense. Tragically this has been factually substantiated many times over since Columbine and Sandy Hook. We strongly endorse the principle that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun (or any deadly weapon) is by a good guy with a gun. Moreover, we believe that broadcasting the presence of stealth armed persons will discourage an attack as demonstrated by Air Marshalls on airlines.

Consequently, we have taken the following position on PA SB 383 which permits the arming of trained and armed school personnel on a voluntary basis:

“Pennsylvanians for Self Protection (PA4SP) fully supports the ability of trained school employees to carry concealed firearms in schools for the purpose of protecting students and employees. We generally approve of PA SB 383, but reserve full endorsement until the final legislative bill is completed. Our main concern with the current bill is the level of stipulated disclosure required for the above mentioned trained concealed carry employees.”

Carlo Grilletto
Pennsylvanians for Self Protection
Vice President

Disparity of Force

This petition is to fix a very serious flaw in our Castle Doctrine. Did you know that our stand-your-ground law is conditional, and not universal? It applies within your home or your vehicle, but not necessarily anywhere else.

For example, you can be in an isolated parking lot late at night where you are approached by perhaps three males who most certainly are about to assault you. Even if you order them to stop and they keep coming toward you, under current law, you must retreat and cannot “stand-your-ground” unless they display a lethal weapon. 18 Pa.C.S. 505(b)2.3

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