Protest Write-In 2A, Toomey Announcement Press Release

Protest Write-In 2A
Toomey Announcement Press Release

Pennsylvanians For Self-Protection (PA4SP) a non-partisan, non-profit gun rights
advocate based in the Southeast yesterday recommended it’s members to write-in “2A”
for 2nd Amendment when voting in the Republican U.S. Senate Primary. The write-in
vote is a protest for Senator Pat Toomey’s strong support for gun control legislation. As
Toomey is running unopposed in the Primary Election, the write-in vote is symbolic and
a message to Toomey. PA4SP cites Toomey’s campaign ad where he is endorsed by a
board member of the anti-gun group CeasefirePA as the final straw. In the past,
CeasefirePA has called for laws that would restrict the rights to own and purchase
firearms placing them at the mercy of criminal predators.

“Pat Toomey has consistently sided with the gun grabbers. He wants to do something
about mass shootings in this country, we all do, but making it harder for law abiding
people to protect themselves with legal firearms isn’t the way. We need to send him a
message to remind him that the 2nd Amendment is a right.” said Dave Sager, President
of PA4SP.

Toomey is the co-sponsor of the infamous Toomey-Manchin Gun Bill introduced after
the Newtown Shooting in 2012. Critics slammed the bill as bad legislation, doing nothing
to stop mass shootings and creating more problems than solving.

“Pat Toomey can’t point to a single mass shooting that would have been stopped by
Toomey-Manchin. It’s bad legislation and we don’t need more laws for the sake of laws.
We need to enforce current federal gun laws that provide strict penalties for guns used
in crime.” offered Carlo Grilletto PA4SP’s Vice President.

Pat Toomey has betrayed legal gun owners. It is important for legal gun owners to let
him know it.


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Toomey didn’t learn and angers gun owners, again

In April of 2013, Pat Toomey claimed that he had learned his lesson and would not tackle the gun issue again, instead promising to stick with financial issues.  In June of 2015, he started talking about gun controls again.  For the next five months, we at PA4SP worked hard to convince him and his campaign that taking up such a position would cause gun owners to sit-out his 2016 run, and that he could have a seat along side Tom Corbett who for different reasons, angered the conservative base.

Well yesterday, in an unbelievable turn of events,  the Toomey-Manchin bill that failed 2 1/2 years ago was pulled from cold storage, reintroduced, and sent to the floor for a vote.  Folks, this process often takes years.  In this case, it took one day.  Fortunately, it was defeated.  But, Toomey stood with the anti-gun crowd.  Who was really behind this?  Why was Toomey on-board with it?

In Wake of San Bernardino Shooting, Manchin-Toomey Gun-Control Bill Fails Again

Sen. Toomey Still Wants Extended Background Checks

Today, the senator said that he continues to support extended background checks, according to  (full article here)

Saying that these extended background checks would reduce gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally-ill is an attack on lawful gun owners, and does nothing to solve the real problem.

Such statements imply that criminals and the mentally-ill obtain their firearms from lawful gun-owners in private transactions.  There is zero evidence of that.  In fact, in every mass-shooting, the shooter obtained his guns by passing a background check, or by stealing them.

Criminals are already prohibited from owning firearms.  The mentally-ill are already prohibited from owning firearms.  It is already a federal felony to sell a firearm to a prohibited person.  And somehow, we are to believe that forcing a duck-hunter to do a background check on his hunting buddy before loaning him his prized duck-gun is going to reduce gun-crime?

Stop blaming lawful gun owners and stop forcing us to pay the price for government’s failure to enforce current laws.

opinion:  //tom campione


Gun-rights group takes on Toomey


As Sen. Pat Toomey officially launched his reelection campaign over the weekend, a gun rights group was planning to interrupt the festivities by protesting the Pennsylvania Republican’s support for universal background checks.
At the last minute, though, Pennsylvanians for Self Protection canceled the protest. A group official said it was scrapped after a Toomey staffer promised the senator would not reintroduce the high-profile gun control bill known as the Toomey-Manchin proposal that stalled in the Senate two years ago.
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