Sen. Toomey Still Wants Extended Background Checks

Today, the senator said that he continues to support extended background checks, according to  (full article here)

Saying that these extended background checks would reduce gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally-ill is an attack on lawful gun owners, and does nothing to solve the real problem.

Such statements imply that criminals and the mentally-ill obtain their firearms from lawful gun-owners in private transactions.  There is zero evidence of that.  In fact, in every mass-shooting, the shooter obtained his guns by passing a background check, or by stealing them.

Criminals are already prohibited from owning firearms.  The mentally-ill are already prohibited from owning firearms.  It is already a federal felony to sell a firearm to a prohibited person.  And somehow, we are to believe that forcing a duck-hunter to do a background check on his hunting buddy before loaning him his prized duck-gun is going to reduce gun-crime?

Stop blaming lawful gun owners and stop forcing us to pay the price for government’s failure to enforce current laws.

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Gun-rights group takes on Toomey


As Sen. Pat Toomey officially launched his reelection campaign over the weekend, a gun rights group was planning to interrupt the festivities by protesting the Pennsylvania Republican’s support for universal background checks.
At the last minute, though, Pennsylvanians for Self Protection canceled the protest. A group official said it was scrapped after a Toomey staffer promised the senator would not reintroduce the high-profile gun control bill known as the Toomey-Manchin proposal that stalled in the Senate two years ago.
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Sen. Toomey Camp Assures No Toomey-Manchin

We are pleased to announce that PA4SP has reached out to the Senator Toomey Camp and has received positive responses to our request that the Toomey-Manchin anti-gun legislation or any similar bills not be reintroduced. We will continue to follow up with the Senator’s office and work to educate them on the fallacy of gun control legislation.

As a result, the planned protests for Sept. 13th are hereby cancelled. We sincerely appreciate all of those who signed up to protest the Senator’s offices statewide. We will update you if the need arises for a political demonstration, but now it seems unnecessary.

We thank you for your willingness to take a stand, and are confident that without you, our negotiations would have been totally ineffective.

If you would like to get involved in the future, please contact us from this page:


Stop Pat Toomey’s Assault on Gun Owners

We need to send the message loud and clear to Sen. Pat Toomey that we will not stand for his misguided solution of requiring more gun restrictions for law-abiding gun owners. He wants to reduce gun violence. Well Pat, the solution to gun violence rests in the “violence” part of that term. Before you force us to jump through more hoops, stop the hundreds of illegal guns entering through our southern border everyday. Disarm the gangs that rule nearly every city across the country. And, make sure that the mentally ill are reported in NICS as current law requires. Do that, and then we’ll talk.

To send this message, we will protest at all 7 of his Senate office locations at a specific time, early afternoon on September 13. We need all gun owners across the state to assemble for just an hour. We need you to register for this event.  When you do, you will be notified by email of the exact time and of other event details, about one week prior. (We have our reasons for this.)

Yes, we know September 13th is a Sunday and that no one will be in his offices. It doesn’t matter. We are not doing it to impress his office staff. We want press coverge and will do all we can to get local TV and print reporters to be there. That’s one reason why we need people to register… so we can give the press an idea as to the size of the crowd.

Go to this page to register. . .

Register for the location that you will attend, and only if you really plan to attend. It doesn’t help if you say you’re coming, and then don’t show.

Also, please save this flyer and distribute copies to local gun stores and ranges.

Sen. Toomey’s exact office addresses are here: Toomey Office locations